A little history on the naming convention of the Picards; why this litter is J names.


In France, the international breed registry, the Societe Centrale Canine, has particular rules governing the naming of puppies. Each year is assigned a letter and all puppies born that year must be given a name beginning with that letter.The French Berger Picard Club, les Amis du Berger Picard, adheres to these rules and at our first club meeting, the BPCA voted to encourage the continuation of this tradition over here in America as do some of the other French origin breeds, particularly the Picard cousins, Briards and Beaucerons.  Active breeders here in the US follow this historical and traditional naming practice. While this may seem like an odd system, it comes in very handy when studying show results and pedigrees. Since the age of any given dog is obvious by his or her name, it also makes reading prospective litter charts easier.The Alphabetical French canine (and other registered livestock and animals) naming alphabet is composed of 20 letters. The letters K, Q, W, X, Yand Z are not used. The cycle started over in 2005 with the letter A; 2006 was the letter B; and 2007 was the letter C.Remember, this only applies to the formal registered names, excluding the kennel name–prefix or affix, so any dog’s “call” or informal name may be called whatever you wish to use.


* In 1973 the French pure bred animal naming system changed letters from W to I. This also created a convenient 20 year naming cycle.

** Prior to 1973, all letters of the Alphabet except ‘Z’,were used in the French naming system for purebred registered animals.



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