Idle Du Courant D’Ere (‘Idle’, our French Import) & CH AllStar’s Farrah Fawcett (‘Farrah’) are expecting!

Idle’s OFFA Results:
Farrah’s OFFA Results:

We have high hopes for this litter.  BORN Nov 16th!

Masquerade Picards reserves first pick of either gender.
All Puppies have deposits on them and are considered spoken for at this time.

Farrah gave birth to 5 big, beautiful, healthy puppies Nov 16, 2015.  2 Girls (1 Fawn/1 Brindle) & 3 Boys (1 Brindle/2 Fawns).  Everyone is very vocal and seems to be thriving.  Puppy pictures to be posted this weekend.

Pictures found here:


  1. Jean Sykora says:

    Hi Ashley, if breeding Idle Du Courant D’Ere and CH AllStar’s Farrah Fawcett prove successful, can you tell me how long your waiting list is. Also what is the cost of a Berger Picard. Do you know other Picard breeders that you would personally recommend if your waiting list is long. Thank you for your help.

  2. Krista Robards says:

    I met my first Picard about a month ago and fell in love. He was black or dark gray. I have been looking into the breed for awhile but never saw one in person. I have two Scottish Terrier girls and I was showing them at a obedience and Rally Trial when this big beautiful boy walked over my girls. He looked so much like a Scottie and even had the attitude they have. I would love to learn more about the breed. I only find the same info over and over again. Any info would be appreciated. I live in Evansville IN.

  3. Maddie Bryant says:


    I am interested in being considered to adopt a girl Picard from your upcoming litter. I live in Portland, OR and recently ‘discovered’ this breed in February and have become pretty much obsessed ever since. A few weeks ago I went to the Seattle Kennel Club dog show and met several Berger Picards and their owners. I felt so lucky to see six Picards of all different types. There is a couple with a true fawn Picard in Portland OR where I live who are planning to have a litter this summer and I have been in communication with them who invited me to the dog show. They are planning to match their true fawn Frani with a brindle Picard from Seattle. I love the coloration of the regular fawn charbonne Picards. You have beautiful dogs and seem to be responsible breeders. I am interested in getting on your waiting list and being in touch about the upcoming litter.

    A little bit about myself. I live in Portland, OR. I have wanted a dog for years and years and felt I needed to wait for the right and responsible time to bring a puppy into my life. I have some experience raising puppies when my mother and then also my sister both adopted puppies while I was living with them. I took the pups to training school, did potty training and exercise with them and love them as my own neices/nephews. Until recently I did not feel my life circumstances were right to welcome a puppy into my life but I feel I am ready now and the time is right. I work as a baker four nights a week. I live in a house with a medium sized back yard with a 6′ wooden fence (very secure) and near several parks and a wildlife refuge. I rent with three friends and one 2 year old yellow lab named Plucky (very friendly and calm) and have permission from the landlord to have an additional medium sized dog.

    The couple with the true fawn Picard living in Portland are planning on breeding Frani in May/June so the puppies may not be ready to go home until September. While I am generally a patient kind of gal I really want a pup in my life and am exploring all the options. That is why I am messaging you about your upcoming litter. I hope to adopt a female fawn charbonne. I am curious about your adoption fee and when your upcoming litter will be ready to adopt. Thanks so much for your time and please let me know if I can give you any more information or if you have a puppy questionnaire I need to fill out.

    All the best,
    Maddie [edited to remove phone number and last name for internet safety]

  4. Jennifer says:

    I am interested in speaking with you about available female pups.

  5. Elena Corey says:

    I’m interested in registering for a puppy. Thanks

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