Puppy Pickup & Shipping

We are sorry, but at this time we do not ship sight-unseen. We request you drive (or fly) in to pick up your puppy in person.

If you choose to fly in we will meet at any one of the following airports for an additional cost to cover gas, kennel (if we purchase), health certificate, etc:

– Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (www.flyroa.com)
– Tri-Cities Regional Airport (www.triflight.com)
– Charlotte Douglas International Airport (www.charlotteairport.com) – less preferred.

Occasionally a transport can be arranged, or we may be able to meet at a show, however this option should not be relied on.
Should a transport be arranged, compensation is customary to driver, at Buyer’s expense.  Amount of compensation is between Buyer & Transporter.

 Flight plans are your responsibility.  Please keep in mind we are 3 hours from Charlotte Airport.

Suggested items to have on hand:
-Crate — No Puppy will leave here without a crate for transport; it’s safer that way.  Midwest Double Door Metal Crate
If you’re flying, you’ll need a special crate as carry-on: Soft-Sided travel crate
If dog is flying cargo: Travel Kennel  (ALWAYS double check with airlines before ordering)
-If the puppy is flying in cargo we suggest this bowl/sticker set: Kennel Travel Kit for Pets – Hook-On Dish & Live Animal Labels (Small)
-Disposable Pads (we use disposable incontinence pads, larger than puppy pads and don’t have the attractant for kennel use.)  They also have washable/reusable pads.  For when you get home, should you use puppy pads for the house: Puppy Pads.  We also use Paper Pellet Litter if you’d like to continue with the litter box.
-Paper Towels
-Pet Friendly Disinfectant (or wipes)
-Trash bag (Walmart bags are plentiful here & double as poop bags)
-Small travel bowl for water


Your puppy will have been started on NuVet Supplements to help ease the stress of transition.  If you’d like to get some before you pick up your pup you may order at NuVet.com.

NuVet offers prebiotics. If you also want to offer a probiotic to your dog we’ve used ProBios and of course vets often recommend Fortiflora.

Pet Insurance

coming soon.

Additional Recommended Items


I like to use an undercoat rake, so many to choose from but we use the one listed below. We also like a pin brush. When bathing you want to keep the coat texture and highly recommend the Crisp Coat shampoo listed below. If you want to keep clean ears you can use a stripping knife like below or even your fingers if not too much hair.