Month: September 2015


Farrah & Idle have had 2 successful ties in the past 2 days.  Based on this, we’re expecting puppies around Nov 18th!  If you’re interested in being considered for one of our puppies please go ahead and fill out an application.


Idle received his CHIC  number over the weekend His most recent picture, taken this weekend.  I’ve updated his profile with it as well.


Looking like love is in the air here… Farrah seems to be coming into heat so we’ll be keeping a close watch on the love birds and contacting our waiting list as the days progress.  If you are interested in a picard puppy, please fill out an application to be considered as a potential home. …

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Idle finally got his DNA posted (after some confusion)…. so he’s set to receive his CHIC number in the next little bit. We’re waiting on Farrah to come in season and will be going forward with the pairing.