Month: December 2015


I’m sorry I’m so behind in pictures, I’ve uploaded a few here: They didnt want to sit still for many so did the best I could.  i hope you all are enjoying the video camera.  I hope to take more, better pictures with my time off.   thanks


Puppies got their first vaccinations last night, all are doing great. If you’ve been watching the puppy cam I’m sure you’ve been able to see them play.  They are now 100% mobile and curious.  Cleaning their area has become a chore because they want to ‘help’… and by ‘help’ I mean tug at my pants …

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At this time, all puppies have deposits on them and are considered spoken for.  We are contemplating a litter next year, if you’re interested in being put on the waiting list please fill out an application.


For those who watch the puppy cam, the camera may be down for a short period of time over the next couple days as we improve the puppy pen.  They are starting to get mobile and momma has already torn some holes in the tarp meant to protect our floors so we’re going to put …

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The puppies’ eyes are opening and they are starting to be mobile!  Once I get past today I can get new pictures up.  They look like little baby ground hogs haha