Month: September 2014


Miss Purple, now Olive, was delivered to her new momma safely yesterday! Mr Lt Blue is pending pickup next weekend for his new home in TX! I’m hoping to find a show home for Mr Lime Green or else he might stay here a little longer. Mr Orange is growing into a beautiful young man, …

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Been a busy week here… Ms Pinky, now Cassidy Belle, is fitting in nicely in her new home. ┬áMr Green will be flying out tomorrow to his new home where he’ll be training for some performance events…. We’ve named our keeper girl (Lavender), we’re calling her Prada — her registered name to be revealed upon …

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Just wanted to update, I’m adding it to the page with the litter information…. Digger of Silver Glen was measured at 24.5″ tall & weighed at 54 lbs. Hoping to measure Farrah this evening. Also updated the litter’s page with availability.


A little history on the naming convention of the Picards; why this litter is J names.   In France, the international breed registry, the Societe Centrale Canine, has particular rules governing the naming of puppies. Each year is assigned a letter and all puppies born that year must be given a name beginning with that …

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The puppies will be ready this weekend! my how time flies   It looks like we’ll still have a few available in this litter, if you’re interested please free to give us a call (276-620-2138) or email us (, we’re happy to talk about our dogs.